Club Registration

To register for the 2018 season or for the adult co-ed flag season follow the link below.


Registration Costs

  • Senior Men $370
  • Students and Rookies $270
  • High School Students $201.10
  • Flag $85.90

Please contact Erin Stuart at if you experience any issues while registering online.

For kids flag rugby registration, please register through Niagara Flag Rugby’s website.

Refund Policy / Injuries
We cannot refund registration fees. Once you register to play rugby, we must submit a large portion of your fee to the national and provincial rugby unions to cover insurance, league fees, etc. Once submitted, we are unable to recover these fees.

Injuries are an unfortunate, but real part of contact sports. Please remember that we cannot refund registration fees for the reasons outlined above.

If you are injured playing rugby, it is essential that you notify your coach in a timely fashion. Rugby Canada insurance may cover the cost of necessary treatment, but we need to know so we can provide proper paperwork.